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Insulating our roof and floor

- Our 1930s bungalow has a small cavity wall (Cavity walls were beginning to be introduced in the 1930s) we wanted to improve our house insulation and had a source of high quality rigid insulation urethane from our nearby industrial estate.  

- We have filled up the space in our roof cavity with insulation.

- We have crawled under our floor for two weeks jamming insulation up between the floor joists, perhaps one of the worst jobs I have had to do on the house!  The alternative being to take up the floor boards and fit insulation from above – something that is even less appealing to me.

- We have put metal clad Kingspan insulation offcuts on our flat roofs, fixed with spray foam between the pieces.  This seems somewhat experimental and risky as if the flat roof felt began to leak it would be hard to fix.   As the insulation reduces the damage to the roofing felt from the sun I think this was a good gamble.