EcoDIY Eco-house

A Few Words About Us

Chris, Rosie, Merri and Robin (and now working in London) moved to Clacton in July 2007.  We soon added Zero a Labrador puppy (born in July 2007) to the family as well as a tribe of chickens (I won't list their names!) and bees (too many to count!) Rosie works as an independant nutritiion consultant.
The plan is to put Rosie's and Chris's passion for recycling and green living together with Chris's experience of self sufficiency and alternative engineering to create a 'green' dwelling near the sea with enough space to offer experiential 'Eco' holidays to people with similar passions to ourselves. The result is lots of work and a fair bit of chaos! 

Chris Southall

Chris's potted history:
After a 5 year engineering apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough I spent 9 years trying to live self-sufficiently in the Isle of Man with poultry, cows, pigs etc. I made a mean cheese as well as some totally awful ones!
 I lived In intentional communities for about 22 years including 18 months in a self sufficient community in the Isle of Man and have been a committed 'Green' all my adult life, standing for the Green party a number of times and campaigning in the renewable energy field over the years.
As well as a wide experience of community living I have accumulated a lot of different useful skills in my life. I was trained as a engineer in but have also managed to fit in working as a potter, a drummer, a beekeeper, a Mr fixit (small scale builder) a computer engineer (I ran an industrial unit for re-cycling IT equipment ), a self development workshop leader (working with drumming, movement, sweat lodge etc - I completed Gabriel Roth's 5 Rhythms movement training). I am a very experienced gardener and smallholder.  I have done a lot of house building and maintenance over the years and am very excited about the process of converting our house in Burrs road into an eco dwelling. I have stood in elections for the Green Party many times at many levels but never been elected except as a Prish Councillor for a while in Suffolk.